Review: Project Mu Super Lock Nut 7

locknut2-500x500The Project Mu Super Lock Nut 7 are designed with a unique seven sided hex pattern so that they can only be removed by the provided special locking key that has the internal hex socket. This obviously means that they can’t be removed by any generic locking key and thus have a lower risk of theft possibility.

Every nut is made with the seven sided hex pattern so instead of having the usual 4 locking nuts, you have 20!

Durability and strength-wise, they are made from a chromium-molybdenium steel and have a aluminium cap on the end. In case you are not aware what chromium-molybdenium steel is, it’s strong. Very strong while also being very light.

The nuts are a gunmetal grey colour while the aluminium cap is a teal colour and has Project Mu on the top of it in white.

These are a MUST for protecting against wheel theft.

The lugs come in two different sizes which fit most manufacturers. First off is the M12x1.25 which fit most Nissan, Subaru and Suzuki models. Secondly they come in M12x1.5 which will fit a variety of models from Toyota, Honda, Mazda, Mitsubishi and Daihatsu.

These Project Mu Super Lock Nut 7 lugs are here

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