RHD Honda NSX Begins Production in US Ahead of Aussie Launch

Australian buyers are one step closer to owning a right-hand-drive Honda NSX supercar now that they’ve started being produced at the Japanese firm’s manufacturing facility in the US.

The long-awaited right-hand-drive versions of the highly-anticipated and acclaimed Honda NSX are now under production at the firm’s facility in Ohio, North America. These very vehicles will be the ones that the first Australian buyers of the hybrid supercar will take delivery of sometime early next year from one of five authorised Australian dealerships.

You might be surprised to learn that despite Honda’s Marysville manufacturing centre boasting a wealth of robotic manufacturing techniques, each NSX still requires around 14 hours of specialist hand assembly by a team of no less than 16 technicians.

Every single nut and bolt is started by hand, and the NSX’s body panels are fitted manually to ensure everything is finished symmetrically.

The all-new NSX’s 3.5-litre V6 petrol engine, its nine-speed transmission; and rear electric motors are all actually produced at a separate facility located in nearby Anna, Ohio. The engines actually undergo a 200-kilometre bench test before being installed into the chassis of the car.

While we still don’t know exactly how quick the new NSX is – Honda has only quoted a 0-100km/h time of “under three seconds” – there’s no doubt the supercar is going to be seriously impressive when it finally hits the road.

Furthermore, when you consider that such a 0-100km/h time puts the NSX in the same realm as the Ferrari 488 and the Lamborghini Aventador LP750, at $420k the Honda really is a bargain.

Don’t expect, however, to see the new Honda NSX on an Australian race track anytime in the near future. That’s because Honda Australia has ruled out the possibility of one taking part in the national GT series or similar because of a perceived lack of value for the manufacturer.

Stephen Collins, director of Honda Australia, said: “We have no plans to go racing. We wouldn’t discourage [private teams] but we wouldn’t be a part of it.”

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