See how Nissan tests paint using mini car wash [video]

See how Nissan tests paint using mini car wash [video]

New video shows how Nissan engineers test paint durability using a mini car wash.

Have you ever wondered how car manufacturers test the quality and durability of the paint they use on vehicles? You’ll probably be surprised to learn that Nissan does it using a miniature car wash and a toy 370Z (sort of).

A video published by Nissan USA on their YouTube channel recently shows how the Japanese car giant uses a mini car wash to test how paint can “hold up to the tough environment” and “rigors” of an automatic car wash.

The mini car wash, which is “about the size and shape of a popcorn machine,” has 10,000 tiny bristles that spin at 180 RPM and water jets to recreate how a real-life car wash operates. Nissan engineers even place handfuls of abrasive “Arizona dirt” on the paint samples to better mimic natural environment conditions.

Nissan engineers test the paint thousands of times to see how it holds up, allowing them to make a decision on whether it’s robust enough to be used on future production models.

Sadly, the miniature 370Z seen in the video is just “for illustrative purposes only.” Nissan don’t actually use a model car for their testing. Instead, they paint rectangular pieces of metal and subject those to their wet, sandy, bristly contraption. Okay, so it’s not quite as cool as the die-cast 370Z, but it’s a lot more practical.

Before a new model even hits the production line, its paint has been rigorously tested to ensure it’s tough enough. These tests include salt water, deliberate scratching and much more. Some car manufacturers even leave cars out in the Arizona desert surrounded by mirrors to test paint and fabric fade resistance.

Check out the full video below:


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