Speedster Evolution & RF Kuro Concepts Teased By Mazda Ahead of SEMA

Teaser images from Mazda show two awesome Miata concepts that could steal the show at SEMA 2016…

The 2016 Specialty Equipment Market Association’s (SEMA) motor trade show in Las Vegas, Nevada, kicks off next week, and Mazda has released some images ahead of the event teasing two concept cars that it will be showing off.

First up is the MX-5 Speedster Evolution (pictured above). If it looks familiar then that’s because it evolved from the Speedster Concept unveiled by Mazda last year.

Somehow, Mazda managed to shave 100 pounds off the Speedster Concept while making the Speedster Evolution and the new car is a staggering 350 pounds lighter than a standard production soft top Miata.

Finished in ‘White Ether’, the Speedster Evolution has a carbon-fibre deflector in place of a windshield and tonneau cover.

Despite its awesome look and obvious appeal, the Speedster Evolution will almost certainly never be made. In fact, Mazda is unlikely to make a totally roofless Miata or anything this lightweight. We wish it would, though. Imagine the fun you could have in this on a track.

The second car Mazda will be bringing to SEMA is the RF Kuro Concept (pictured below).


Based on the new-for-2017 Miata RF retractable-hardtop variant, the RF Kuro Concept is not quite as extreme as the Speedster Evolution. Instead, it focuses much more on appearance.

Finished in a semi-matte charcoal metallic paint developed in-house (Kuro means charcoal in Japanese), the RF Kuro Concept boasts 17-inch RAYS forged wheels with BFGoodrich g-Force Rival tyres and MX-5 Cup suspension.

Were you expecting a bit more? Let’s not forget that the RF MX-5 is a thing of beauty already, and the tweaked suspension and sticky tyres will only make it handle better.

We’ll know more when both concepts go on display at the SEMA show next week.

The SEMA annual event showcases the biggest and best of the modified car world, and takes place from November 1 – November 4 at the Las Vegas Convention Centre.

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