SRTC Realising Real Success in Their WRX STI

Another month on and another podium finish for Subaru Rally Team Canada. What are they doing that’s achieving such fantastic results?

In just their second ever outing, Subaru Rally Team Canada (SRTC) secured second place recently at the Pacific Forest Rally in their 2015 Subaru WRX STI. It seems that driver Martin Rowe and co-pilot Nathalie Richard are smoothly gelling and have become a formidable force to reckon with on the rally scene.

However, SRTC’s success has also been hugely contributed to by their technicians, who continue to get more and more out of the WRX every race, and the Pacific Forest Rally was certainly no exception.

Before the start of the race a new Pfitzner Performance sequential gearbox was added to the car, something that SRTC say “performed exceptionally well and was extremely reliable for the entire event…”

When it comes to rally racing, however, anything can happen and the Pacific Forest Rally had a few surprises in store as Rowe and Richard discovered. SRTC were, in fact, leading the race during the first stage but encountered a herd of wild cattle and were forced to slow down. This obviously cost them valuable time, but they were able to get themselves back in contention and secure second place.

Rowe is seemingly impressed with the WRX’s capabilities and said after the race that they were able to “see more of the WRX STI’s true potential and speed, especially with the brand new gear box”.

With just two race left in the Canadian Rally Championship the title is already all but wrapped up. However, SRTC will continue to push hard and achieve a strong manufacturer finish overall.

The team’s next race is at the end of the month at the Rocky Mountain Rally in Columbia Valley, British Columbia. We’re excited to see if SRTC can continue their excellent form and perhaps even secure a first place finish.

The following Youtube video shows Rowe and Richard’s rally skills, as well as their close encounter of the bovine kind:

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