Subaru (Apparently) Testing Mid-Engine Sports Coupe

A Subaru insider says the company is currently testing a mid-engine hybrid sports coupe. Are the rumours true and what can we expect?

Last year, sales of Subaru vehicles in America were up by a whopping 13% This year, the Japanese auto giant is set to produce over one million cars for the first time ever. You could say that Subaru is positively surging at present and if new information from a company insider is true, a mid-engine sports coupe is in the pipeline.

According to Car and Driver, Subaru is developing an all-wheel-drive hybrid sports car. Apparently the radical, experimental prototype is currently undergoing testing at the company’s Tochigi proving grounds.

The insider said that the sports coupe features a turbocharged boxer engine which drives the rear wheels and is mid-mounted. There are also two electric motors sending power to the front of the car.

Despite being underpinned by Subaru’s global, a modified BRZ is being used to test the new hybrid setup. That’s because the BRZ is the only rear-wheel-drive vehicle in the current Subaru lineup.

“Whether the end result will be a two-door sports coupe or some kind of sports crossover/CUV is still in the evaluation stage,” said the insider. “A coupe seems more likely, though.”

With the information available, a Car and Driver artist produced the image you see at the top of this post. The rather aggressive looking coupe you see is a very exciting prospect indeed.

The 1.6-litre boxer engine will likely be taken from Subaru’s Japanese market lineup and Car and Driver has even gone so far to say that it may boast 330-horsepower, which would see it competing against the likes of the Porsche Cayman.

Let’s not forget that this vehicle has only come to light because of insider information. So whether a concept is produced, let alone a production model, remains to be seen. Let’s just hope that this insider is right and that Subaru is developing such a car as it’s a very exciting prospect.

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