Subaru BRZ to get Cosworth Makeover

There’s something stirring in the world of automotive tuning, something awesome; which has got us here at JDMRacing very excited. And if the thought of a Subaru BRZ Cosworth gets you excited too then keep reading… 

Subaru Tecnica International, or STI, isn’t the only company capable of tuning Subies and Cosworth know it. In fact, with Subaru’s discussions on the subject still seemingly up in the air, it has left an opening for Cosworth to do what they do best.


If you’re not fully aware of the Cosworth pedigree, it’s safe to say that usually, everything they touch turns to gold. For example, their DFV (double four valve) engine spent some 25 years at the very top of Formula One/Grand Prix motor racing, winning 167 races – placing Cosworth only second to Ferrari in terms of Formula One wins.

Since stepping away from Formula One, Cosworth have, once again, turned their attention to tuning the crap out of road cars. The subtly named ‘Power Packages’ from Cosworth will initially focus on the Toyota GT86 and the Subaru BRZ. And while full facts are still hazy, it looks as though the BRZ is going to spend a night in the Cosworth haunted house and emerge with a performance exhaust system, suspension upgrades and uprated engine components. There may even be the cheeky addition of a super- or turbocharger too!



Even the Cosworth website isn’t giving too much away and their teaser video below leaves a lot to the imagination – clever marketing or they’re still finalising the details? Either way, a Subaru BRZ with a Cosworth twist is going to be awesome and definitely worth the wait.


Image credit: Official Cosworth site

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