Subaru ‘STI Performance Concept’ Spotted at New York Auto Show

Subaru’s STI Performance Concept could be the BRZ you’ve been hoping they’d make. But does its New York Auto Show appearance mean that a production version could soon follow?

Cars emblazoned with the STI performance badge are not new in the U.S., but while the hottest versions of Subaru’s vehicles get the STI (Subaru Tecnica International) suffix, such as the WRX STI, those three little letters carry a different significance in Japan. Over there, STI actually makes performance parts for a variety of models in an in-house speed shop.

And now it’s the Subaru STI Performance Concept, recently seen at the New York Auto Show, that is slapping U.S. Subaru fans around the face and saying “look what they’ve got in Japan!”

According to Subaru, the BRZ-based concept “signifies a plan for U.S. expansion” of STI. A statement that will no doubt have U.S.-based Subaru fans clamouring. Furthermore, it could also even mark a more general international expansion, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Since its release, fans of the BRZ have been shouting out for a sportier and more powerful STI version, but their calls fell on deaf ears. Until now – maybe…

The STI Performance Concept is the closest Subaru has come to actually building what the fans want and the fact they are parading it at the New York Auto Show means there’s definitely hope.

A few of the concept’s most notable features include a bespoke engine specifically developed for the BRZ STI race cars in the Japanese Super GT series, uprated suspension and an eye-catching bodykit finished off with an enormous rear spoiler.

Subaru fell short of confirming that a production version of the Performance Concept will hit dealerships in the future, but did say that the U.S. market would have STI-tuned vehicles with numerous chassis, performance and aerodynamics upgrades in the future.

Whether this more performance-oriented concept has been produced just to tease us or is a sign of things to come, it’s definitely caught our attention.

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