Subaru unveils WRX STI S208 in Tokyo

Subaru unveils WRX STI S208 in Tokyo

Subaru has unveiled its WRX STI S208 at the Tokyo Motor Show. It’ll only be available in Japan and you’ll need to win a lottery to get one.


Rewind to the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show and Subaru was unveiling its souped-up STI S207. Two years on, Subaru is back with another limited edition WRX, and this one’s even better.

Following in the footsteps of the S207, the imaginatively named WRX STI S208 boasts a slew of performance and handling upgrades.

Up front, the S208 wears a new mesh grille with red highlights, which sits above an aggressive-looking splitter that’s finished in gloss black. The side skirts get the gloss black treatment too with some subtle highlights, while the mirrors are finished in gloss black. The roof continues this theme with its dark gloss finish.

A carbon-fibre boot spoiler (more gloss black) finishes off the most obvious external changes. Luckily, it’s the changes you can’t see that really matter with the S208.

First, Bilstein dampers and coil springs have been fitted to all four corners (tuned by STI) and an STI flexible tower brace, flexible draw stiffeners and suspension supports have been added to the front end.

More STI magic is happening at the rear, where the standard suspension subframe and suspension links have been swapped for STI units. Black 19-inch alloy wheels, which conceal what Subaru says are 18-inch Brembo brakes, finish the exterior of the S208.

Under the bonnet is where it all matters. The S208 boasts an uprated version of the Japanese STI’s 2.0-litre flat-four engine, putting out around 324-horsepower. A nifty paddle on the steering wheel lets the driver spray the intercooler with a temperature-reducing mist.

There’s also an NBR Challenge Pack available, which adds a carbon-fibre roof and gigantic carbon-fibre rear wing.

Only 450 S208s will be built – 100 base units and 350 NBR Challenge Pack units – and they’ll only be available in Japan. Interested buyers will be thrust into a lottery-style system to determine who gets the chance to own one.

Prices will start from 6.264 million yen ($71,200).

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