Subaru USA tweets pic of massive STI spoiler on a BRZ

Subaru USA tweets pic of massive STI spoiler on a BRZ

Subaru America has just dropped a teaser tweet showing a huge, STI-branded carbon fibre spoiler.


Ever since the two-litre flat-four Subaru BRZ (and its cousin, the Toyota 86) was released five years ago, drivers have been yearning for a version with a bit more bite. Sadly, though, nothing has ever materialised – except for several cosmetic and minor engineering upgrades.

Even the Japan-only limited-edition BRZ tS offered no more than the standard 147kW found in the standard model.

That’s why a recent tweet from Subaru America has got the online car community in a flap (tweet – bird – flap – okay, okay it was bad!).

Here’s the tweet:

As you can see, there’s nothing more than a huge carbon fibre boot spoiler with the STI logo on the side and an intriguing message that tells us to “stay tuned” for 6/8/17 (June 8, 2017). There’s also an STI hashtag.

Now, some people might say that the image is of a non-production vehicle, but the heated rear windscreen suggests this isn’t a race car.

It is, in fact, a BRZ, which is why fans of the small sports coupe are excited.

Whether it will boast the 197kW WRX turboboxer engine, a smaller turbocharged engine or (we hope) the 221kW 2.5-litre flat-four turbo of the current STI is anyone’s guess. We also have no idea whether it will be two or all-wheel drive.

There’s also the possibility that it’s just another dress-up exercise based on the proven two-litre BRZ engine. We’ll have to wait another week to find out, but rest assured we’ll update you as soon as we hear anything more.

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