Subaru WRX STI makes getting breakfast supplies awesome


Subaru’s latest European ad for its WRX STI highlights the huge sacrifices that some men have to make in order for their relationships/marriages to progress smoothly and ultimately work.

Sometimes, in relationships, we have to make sacrifices – it’s inevitable. At the end of the day, chores are chores and they don’t usually go away. Subaru obviously appreciates this as highlighted by its latest European WRX STI advertisement.

We’ve all been there. Best laid plans to wake up early and make the significant other breakfast in bed, or at least at the table. But wait! There’s no more bread and the nearest bakery is a reasonably far, meandering drive away.

Subaru have captured this quandary perfectly and also offer us a very cool solution: go get some bread in your all-wheel drive, turbocharged sports sedan in a Ken Block-esque gymkhana manner.

Featuring high-revving, high-speed dusty action, this is one Subaru ad that doesn’t need a single word to get across its message perfectly. And, for the real Subaru purist, the automobile manufacturer has chosen to let us hear the growl of the engine and the squeal of the tyres over the ad’s background music.

The picturesque scenery underlines the whole episode and will make anyone who sees this advertisement extremely jealous of the guy’s situation.

Even the hard-faced baker must have smiled a bit after witnessing the man’s breakfast-run determination and the awesome power and handling of his WRX.

Best of all, everyone’s a winner – the girl gets her breakfast, the guy gets the thrill of thrashing his WRX along some of the best driving roads around and the baker…? Okay maybe not everyone’s a winner!

Check out this brilliant ad for yourself below. Maybe it’ll give you some ideas next time there’s no bread left in your house. Not that we’re encouraging anyone to mimic the driving shown, of course.

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