Subaru WRX STi Time Attack smashes Isle of Man TT record [Video]

Subaru was hoping that its custom-built WRX STi Time Attack would be quick enough to break the Isle of Man TT vehicle record this year, and with Mark Higgins behind the wheel, it was a very real possibility.

It’s only 221 square-miles in area and has a population of less than 85,000 people, but that doesn’t stop the Isle of Man from being home to one of the world’s most exciting and dangerous time trial races.

For more than 100 years now, motorcycle riders have risked life and limb tackling the 37.5-mile Isle of Man circuit. This year, however, one of the biggest stories to come out of the Isle of Man TT was Subaru’s successful attempt to break the lap record in a highly-modified WRX STi.

When we first reported that Subaru had teamed up with British-based Prodrive, the performance stats of the WRX STi Time Attack were unknown. We now know, though, that it was producing an astonishing 600-horsepower from the Garrett turbocharged 2.0-litre engine and could hit an eye-watering 180mph before topping out.

To put that into perspective, the standard WRX STi produces around 305-horsepower and has a top speed of about 159mph.

TT race officials also demanded the STi could be heard by riders and spectators as it approached, so it was deliberately made extremely loud.

It should come as no surprise then that the custom-built Time Attack STi, which was piloted by rally legend Mark Higgins at this year’s TT, smashed the previous vehicle course record – set, incidentally, by Higgins back in 2014.

Higgins first beat his own record on June 4 this year before eclipsing it again on June 6, with a time of 17min 35.139sec. That’s just (and we know it sounds a lot) 31 seconds off the pace of the fastest-ever TT lap (set by a bike). In that blistering run, Higgins maintained an average speed of 128.730mph around the Isle of Man circuit.

The best part of all is that Subaru has now released a video of Higgins’ record-breaking lap, so you can pretend that you were in the car with him when he was making four-wheel history.

Here it is in all its glory with full commentary from Higgins himself. Enjoy…

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