Summernats 2015 Breaks its Own World Burnout Record

Summernats 2015 is still fresh in the minds of those who attended it and this year’s event broke its own 2013 Guinness World Record for largest simultaneous burnout.

Since 1988, car enthusiasts have been travelling to Canberra for the annual Australian Summer Nationals, or Summernats as it’s come to be known, at Exhibition Park in the city of Canberra.

And this year’s Summernats, despite temperatures pushing 35 degrees, saw a new Guinness World Record set for the largest simultaneous burnout – a record that has only stood since 2013 when 69 dedicated individuals churned up the tarmac simultaneously.

This year, 107 was the magic number of vehicles that would take part in the burnout challenge, but after four were discounted, the new world record was set at 103. To be counted, the vehicle must ‘burn out’ for at least 30-seconds and this year saw cars, vans, utes and even an ice cream truck apparently take part in the attempt.

But liquefying tyres isn’t the only highlight of Australia’s biggest car festival – an event that sees dedicated fans travelling from all over the country and as far away as the U.S. to attend – and spectators got the chance to cheer on their favourite machines around the Exhibition Park circuit and watch as a new Miss Summernats was crowned.

Summernats is like a car show on steroids and is thought to have welcomed over 100,000 people through its gates this year.

As always, there was a strong police presence at Summernats to combat antisocial behaviour, but there was a strong emphasis on the fact that the police weren’t there to prevent people from having fun; merely to ensure they do it safely.

We’re not quite sure how the Guinness officials managed to count all the cars participating in the burnout, due mainly to the sheer amount of smoke that was generated, but you can see all the world record-breaking action in the following video:

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