Supra Successor Looks Set for 470-HP

Toyota and BMW’s joint efforts on creating a Supra successor are set to produce a 473-horsepower monster, according to new reports.

We first told you back in March about Toyota and BMW’s joint plans to spawn a new successor to the iconic Toyota Supra. And now, thanks to, more details have emerged about what we can expect the technical collaboration to produce.

A senior Toyota executive hinted a few months ago that the project would see a new Toyota emerge which would be positioned above the 86 and be the spiritual successor to the long-lamented Supra.

It’s likely that concept versions of both Toyota and BMW’s cars will emerge next year sometime, but it’s now thought that both will be about the size of a Porsche 911. Furthermore, they’re expected to boast power outputs of around 470-horsepower.

Each car will be constructed around an aluminium spaceframe chassis, which will feature carbon fibre body panels. The Toyota source told Motoring that their car already had a finalised design and said that people will “be surprised at how good it looks.” Adding, “the car does not look like a Toyota”.

The Toyota coupe will get two engines: a 3.0-litre turbo petrol and a plug-in hybrid powertrain version, which is set to be the more powerful of the two.

Toyota’s Supra successor will undoubtedly take a lot of its styling features from the outrageous FT-1 Concept (shown above), despite being smaller.

The born-again Supra is set for launch in 2018, but we’re hoping that early concept versions will be unveiled at either the Detroit Auto Show in January or the Geneva Motor Show in March.

Toyota and BMW engineers have apparently spent a significant amount of time figuring out where to store the batteries and deciding which hybrid system would offer the most benefits. It seems that it will be Toyota’s hybrid technology that gets the nod over BMW’s, but with much of the joint project’s details still unknown, we’ll have to wait and see.

We’ll update you, of course, as soon as we know any more.

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