Take a Sneak Peek Inside a 1,000-mph Office


With an estimated top speed of more than 1,000-mph and capable of covering a mile in 3.6 seconds, the Bloodhound SSC is an absolute beast – but with a certain feeling of decorum…

When you intend to break your own World Land Speed Record, you need to be extremely confident in the machine you’ll be attempting it in. In Andy Green’s case, that vehicle is the phenomenal Bloodhound SSC.

Capable of reaching speeds above 1,000-mph, the Bloodhound SSC represents 30 design-years of planning/work and if the team’s recent Youtube video is anything to go by, this is going to be one incredible machine.

The project is still more than a year from being finished but the team’s intention is to take the Bloodhound SSC to South Africa and attempt to break Andy’s existing World Land Speed Record of around 763-mph.


But what on earth is powering such a behemoth? Well, the Bloodhound SSC boasts the same jet engine that is used in the Eurofighter Typhoon. And, if that’s not enough, it has an extra rocket motor just for good measure.

The Bloodhound’s cockpit, or his office as Andy calls it, is literally just big enough for him to squeeze in but would be difficult for anyone else in the world to occupy. That’s because the Bloodhound SSC has been engineered from the ground upwards around Andy and is tweaked to accommodate him perfectly – the ergonomics are staggering!

The central console features a screen that will display all the vital information that Wing Commander Andy needs. Furthermore, it will advise him exactly when to unleash the rocket power and subsequently deploy the emergency parachute.

“I’m going to drive this car at 1,000mph and I need to have absolute confidence about every single part of it. So this working space is all about speed, precision, control and safety,” said Green.

And with more than 21 metric tons of thrust under his control, Andy Green definitely needs TOTAL confidence in the Bloodhound.

For more of an insight into the Bloodhound SSC, check out the following Youtube video and let Andy himself give you a guided tour of his sci-fi-esque office.

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