The All-New 306BHP 2015 Civic Type-R

Honda fans have been waiting what seems like an eternity for the new Civic Type-R. Now it’s here – has the wait been worth their while…

As gestation periods go, the new Civic Type-R’s has been long. Very long. In fact, Honda say the development period was five years (seems longer). But now it’s had its Geneva Motor Show debut, what can we expect?

Well, the new Civic is the first turbocharged Type-R ever produced by Honda and the specs boasted by its 2.0-litre inline four VTEC engine are rather impressive indeed. The new Civic Type-R will produce 306-horsepower and do 0-62MPH in 5.7 seconds. Its redline is at 7000RPM.


Only available in six-speed manual (for now), the new Civic will have a top speed of around 168MPH and output an impressive 295 lb/ft of torque.

Even more startling is that the new Civic Type-R conquered the infamous Nurburgring back in May 2014 in a blisteringly fast 7m 50.63s – the impatience of keeping that under their hats must have been killing Honda! And it’s a time that is enough to dethrone the infinitely more track-based Renault Megane Trophy-R as the fastest FWD at the Green Hell.

Perhaps the most exciting revelation about the Civic isn’t its impressive specs but its highly-affordable price tag. At just £29,995, people in the UK could stick one on their driveways for around £300 a month. With raw power, distinctive looks and a Nurburgring record under its belt, the Civic Type-R offers a lot of car for the money.

The Civic Type-R is kitted out with a host of mods to ensure stability at high speed; all of which are aimed at boosting downforce. Its underbody is almost completely flat and with deep side skirts, a rear spoiler, rear diffuser and wide front splitter, the Type-R is as stable as they come at speed.

2015-honda-civic-type-r-JDMrearA set of beefy Brembos attached to 19-inch rims not only top off the look, but provide much needed stopping power. This is especially important when the +R mode is activated, which heightens engine responsiveness and makes the car’s torque-mapping more aggressive and performance-focused.

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