The GRMN Toyota 86 IS the car you’ve been looking for

If you’ve been longing for a more powerful Toyota GT86 then Gazoo Racing could have just what you’re looking for…

When it hit the market back in 2012, the Toyota GT86 (Scion FR-S in the US and Canada) was an instant hit. It was a car that resonated with people who wanted an affordably sporty drive.

However, even though Toyota managed to hit the right spot with a huge amount of customers, many enthusiasts cried out for more power. Today, we have some good news for said enthusiasts.

While the GT86 won’t be getting a turbocharged upgrade anytime soon, Toyota’s go-fast Gazoo Racing division reckons it can inject the car with a few more ponies and is vowing to do so before the Tokyo Auto Salon later this month.

The limited edition model will be known as the 86 GRMN, which is a lot easier than saying its full name: Gazoo Racing Masters of Nürburgring. It will boast a 2.0-litre flat-four engine that produces 216-horsepower. That’s a performance increase of… wait for it… 16-horsepower over the standard 86.

This modest power boost is achieved mainly by a new air intake and exhaust manifolds, and several low-friction internal components. Gazoo Racing will also fit a bespoke close-ratio six-speed manual transmission, which still drives the rear wheels of course.

The 86 GRMN doesn’t just get upgrades under the bonnet, though, and it will also feature a lower centre of gravity and sportier suspension.

Interestingly, Gazoo Racing have also put the 86 on a diet and made it lighter. The weight reduction is achieved by Plexiglas rear window and carbon fibre bonnet, roof panel and boot lid. They also decided to do away with the infotainment system and rear bench. The result is a car that is a good 100-pounds lighter than the standard model.

Finally, a SEMA-worthy bodykit featuring air dams, splitters, vents and all sorts finishes the 86 GRMN off, which makes keeping a low profile in the car rather difficult. The cabin also gets a birthday, with red seat belts, Recaro bucket seats and two-tone black and red upholstery.

But before you get too excited about the prospect of a more powerful 86, Toyota has already said that the GRMN version will only be available in Japan and that just 100 examples will be produced. It will carry a price tag of 6.48 million yen, which is about $54,000 at the time of writing.

Oh and here’s a promotional video to tickle your tastebuds even more:

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