The Nissan Note gets the Nismo Treatment

You’ve seen the Nismo versions of the GT-R, 370Z and Juke right? Well now it’s the Note’s turn to get the Nismo treatment and the results may surprise you…

When it comes to being Nismo’d, the GT-R, 370Z and Juke were all prime candidates. The Note, however, perhaps not so much. But that didn’t stop it getting a Nismo makeover anyway, the results of which have just been unleashed on the Japanese public.

The standard base-model Note comes with a 1.2-litre engine that pumps out 109 horsepower. The Nismo S version, however, boasts a 1.6-litre turbocharged engine that’s good for 138 horsepower – quite an improvement!

The Nismo S also sports stiffer handling thanks to its reworked suspension and has disc brakes fixed to all four of its wheels. Further performance is achieved through a free breathing intake and sport exhaust system.

On the inside there have also been a number of subtle changes. The S version comes with an Alcantara clad steering wheel, a cluster of sporty instruments, aluminium pedals and a sportier gear knob.


Externally, the S model features the easily recognisable red Nismo side mirrors; LED daytime running lights and a shark fin antenna. Furthermore, customers can choose from a range of four colours: black, white, silver and grey.

There’s also a non-S version which keeps the standard engine but has the suspension upgrades and visual styling of the S. Making it a good looking car just with less power under the bonnet.

Despite the appeal of the Nissan Note Nismo S, we are unlikely to see it land on Australian shores anytime soon. That’s not to say that it never will, but just that it’s not on Nissan’s current roadmap.

It’s not all bad news though because the Nismo range is likely to be launched here sometime next year but will only comprise the GT-R, 370Z and Juke to start with – a pretty decent launch line up if you ask us!

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