This is why JDMRacing don’t accept cash payments

A recent news story caught our eye and had us watching in amazement wondering is this guy for real? It turns out that he was and the spectacle that unfolded was truly priceless… 

A Chinese man went to a car dealership with his heart set on a new car – so far so good. Furthermore, he was a cash buyer – every car dealer’s dream customer, or so you would think right? However, this guy had something else in mind, which caused all the dealership’s staff to get involved with the purchase.

It turns out that the guy wanted to pay for his shiny new ride using one-Yuan coins. The price of the car was 100,000 Yuan and he arrived at the dealership with 5 tons of coinage in his car! He then waited patiently while the car dealership’s staff counted the coins.

The whole process took so long, however, that he even had time to take a nap and watch a movie. In the end, he opted to pay half in coins and half on his credit card – maybe he got bored or had a hot date later that day? Either way, it was definitely to the relief of the dealership’s employees.

Reports state that the dealership is now depositing the coins, 2,000 Yuan at a time.

Our loyal customers know already that we don’t have a physical store and therefore don’t accept cash payments. It’s a good job too with guys like this around! Maybe he should have spent his money on a few lighting upgrades to make his old car look the business.

Hats off though to the dealership and its employees. Many businesses would have thought of all number of excuses not to entertain such a customer, but they definitely did the right thing.

Here at JDMRacing, we understand the importance of giving customers what they want, which is why we pride ourselves on our high levels of customer service and low prices.

Our FAQ page contains the most frequent queries that our customers ask us, but feel free to use our contact form for any other enquiries.

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