Toyota 86 Race Series to hit Australian Shores

Think you’re pretty good behind the wheel of a Toyota 86? Well now you could have a chance to prove yourself in the 2016 Toyota 86 racing series…

Toyota is set to create a 2016 Toyota 86 racing series which will allow Australian drivers to prove just how good they are behind the wheel. Drivers will be pitted in identical vehicles in a move that could provide an easy and affordable way to get into motorsport.

The news was announced by Toyota Australia’s Executive Director of Sales & Marketing Tony Cramb at the 2nd annual Festival of 86 in Sydney. He said that a one-make series was something he’d been excited about for a very long time and it’s definitely an idea that will come to fruition in the next few months.

An Australian 86 racing series would be pro-am and pit amateur drivers against selected professionals. Basically, if you can race and you’ve got a competition license then you are exactly who Toyota are hoping will participate.

Furthermore, race restrictions would only allow for a certain amount of tuning and modifications. This is great news for brilliant drivers who’ve only got modest budgets as the focus would be on skill and not who’s got the biggest wallet.

Toyota are looking to follow in Porsche’s footsteps and mimic the fantastic success of the Carrera Cup. One-make series are a great way for manufacturers to get their products seen and arouse interest in them.

Toyota are no strangers when it comes to one-make events and there is already an 86 racing series in the U.S It seems their long-term goal is to create a worldwide face-off or Race of Champions if you will. They want to find the greatest 86 driver in the world and the announcement of an Australian series is definitely a step in the right direction.

So if you fancy yourself as a good 86 driver and you’ve got a competition license, this could be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

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