Toyota GT86 Undergoes Facial Surgery

It seems the Toyota GT86 has had a facelift. What can we expect to see when it’s released in 2017?

What you see above is the newly-updated face of Toyota’s GT86 rear-wheel drive sports car, which is expected to go on sale sometime in the second half of next year as a 2017 model.

Almost four years since its launch, the GT86 looks set to undergo a mid-cycle facelift, with a wider front bumper, wider and lower air intake and redesigned front light setup among the obvious changes. Around the back, the 86 sports a re-profiled bumper, dual exhausts and slightly bigger spoiler.

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Unfortunately, no mechanical upgrades have been announced at this point, so expect to see the GT86’s 2.0-litre flat-four boxer engine still produce around 200-horsepower as before and do 0-62mph in about 7.6 seconds.


However, some reports say that potential powertrain mods could include a new intake manifold and new internals geared towards reducing engine friction – an additional 10-horsepower perhaps?

It’s not all doom and gloom, though, as chassis modifications are thought to incorporate a reinforced rear suspension subframe, which is expected to add additional rigidity at the rear end.

Any changes that are made will undoubtedly also feature on the GT86’s cousins, the Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ.

The GT86 has been, overall, a success story for Toyota, but its lack of a turbo has frustrated many owners and seen them purchase aftermarket parts to achieve modest performance gains.

Maybe we’ll learn more about the proposed updates at next month’s Tokyo Motor Show. Until then, your guess is as good as ours…

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