Toyota Launches 86 Pro-Am Series in Australia

If you’ve dreamt of thrashing a Toyota 86 around a track against professional drivers, the Toyota 86 Pro-Am Series in Australia could be exactly what you’ve been looking for…

Last November, we told you about Toyota’s plans to introduce a Toyota 86 Pro-Am racing series on Australian shores in 2016. And now, we can reveal that it will be run exclusively at V8 supercar rounds, making it the fourth Toyota 86 Pro-Am series to be launched.

Australian Toyota 86 fans will welcome the news that their favourite car will get the chance to prove itself on the track in a bespoke one-make racing series.

Tony Cramb – Toyota Australia’s executive director of sales and marketing – announced at the first round of the V8 Supercars Series in Adelaide that the Toyota 86 Pro-Am Series would begin from 2016. It will be run in a true pro-am (professional-amateur) manner with five professional drivers mentoring and then competing against a field of amateur drivers.

The cars will be base model 86 GT manuals which have had a special race package fitted that has been developed by Neil Bates Motorsports (four-time Australian rally champion). The package includes revised brakes, suspension, extractors and exhaust system, new rims and tyres, updated ECU, oil cooler and a host of mandatory safety equipment.

Talking about the new series, Cramb said: “The Toyota 86 Pro-Am series will present genuine, dynamic and entertaining racing to a broad audience, including big crowds at each round and a large audience on free-to-air and pay TV.”

Talking about the car, Bates said: “The aim is to engineer a car that is pretty much bullet-proof in racing conditions while making it a satisfying and rewarding experience for its driver.”

So, if you’ve got a spare $100,000 – yes that’s apparently what ‘entry level motorsport’ costs these days – you can show the pros what you’ve got in the Toyota 86 Pro-Am Series.

Here’s a cheeky minute-long video to whet your appetite even more:

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