Toyota reveals stylish 86 860 Special Edition

Toyota reveals stylish 86 860 Special Edition

The Toyota 86 860 Special Edition will go on sale in the US later this month. But what makes it so special?

Before you get your hopes up, this isn’t the special edition Toyota 86 you’ve been waiting for. That’s because it does not feature a turbocharger or a supercharger.

Nevertheless, the Toyota 86 860 Special Edition does include a number of styling upgrades, interior updates and a pretty snazzy paintjob.

Limited to just 860 units (the key’s in the name), the Toyota 86 860 Special Edition comes in striking Supernova Orange – a colour that isn’t available in the case of the regular model. It’s basically a combination of Ablaze red and Hot Lava orange, which contrasts beautifully with the car’s gloss black rear wing, black mirror caps and black go-faster stripes. There’s also an additional aerodynamic underbody panel and LED fog lights.

On the inside, the Toyota 86 860 SE is swimming in orange stitching. Literally everywhere you look there’s orange – the steering wheel, gear lever knob, dashboard and seats.

In terms of interior features, there’s a dual-zone climate control system, push-button start and a 4.2-inch touchscreen display showing gsstopwatch timing, horsepower and torque curves and temperatures. A placard on the dashboard rounds off the entire look and reminds you you’re driving an 860 Special Edition.

Unfortunately, as we mentioned at the start, the 860 Special Edition doesn’t boast any more power. Output remains the same as before at 205-horsepower and 156 lb-ft from the 2.0-litre Boxer four.

So what’s it cost?

For the 6-speed manual transmission, buyers will need to part with $30,040 (US). For an extra $720 (US), buyers can get a paddle-shifted automatic.

How much extra would you be willing to spend for forced induction?

The Toyota 86 860 Special Edition will arrive in American dealerships later this month.

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