Toyota’s FT-1 Concept gets an Actual and Virtual Makeover

When Toyota revealed their FT-1 concept car at the start of the year, our mouths hung open as we stared in awe. But it seems the Japanese giants aren’t quite done with it yet…

Back in January, Toyota unveiled perhaps their most radical and coolest project ever at the Detroit Motor Show: the FT-1 concept car. And, if we weren’t already drooling over this vibrant red piece of automotive genius, the latest iteration has certainly got us suitably excited.

The show-stopping concept coupe is back and looking better than ever with its all-new graphite paint job. Couple this with a gorgeous new tan leather interior and you’ve got a car that is jaw-droppingly good.

If you think that this updated model is awesome then wait till you see what else Toyota have up their sleeves – the insane FT-1 Vision Gran Turismo. That’s right, from next month, PS3 owners can get behind the wheel of an ultra-high-performance version of the FT-1 in Gran Turismo 6.

The FT-1 Vision GT is the stuff that dreams are made of and allows us to imagine what an all-out track version of the concept car would look like. It also highlights how brilliant car designs can be when there are no financial constraints or other real-world practicalities.

Kevin Hunter, president of Toyota’s Calty Design Research sums the project up perfectly: “The design brief for this car was very simple: Take the FT-1 concept car and turn it into the most kick-ass, bad-ass super race car you can imagine.” Judging by the teaser video below, the Calty team absolutely nailed it with the FT-1 Vision GT. In fact, the only downside is that the only way you’ll be able to get your hands on it is through your Playstation controller.

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