Toyota Supra successor to get manual gearbox after all

Toyota Supra successor to get manual gearbox after all

A Toyota insider has (apparently) revealed that the successor to the legendary Toyota Supra will indeed come with a manual transmission option.

Information about the highly-anticipated, forthcoming successor to the iconic Toyota Supra has been largely shrouded in mystery and speculation. Furthermore, when we do think we know something about it, a new piece of info crops up that gets us guessing again.

Until now, the most recently leaked piece of information regarding the Supra successor was that it would not come with a manual variant. That was a rumour that many purists were up in arms about because it would have severely hampered the driving experience afforded by such a formidable vehicle.

But now, it has been revealed by a Toyota insider that the all-new Supra will indeed feature a manual option – a reality that will have Supra fans breathing easy once more.

According to a member of the IH8MUD forums, who says they spoke at length with a Toyota representative about the 200 Series Land Cruiser, we should all “expect a manual transmission option in the Supra”.

Also, the insider quashed rumours of a BMW-sourced inline-6 engine for the 2019 Toyota Supra – another nugget of info that is in contrast to previously leaked details.

Instead, a turbocharged 3.5-litre V-6 engine is likely to do the talking for the MK V Supra and, according to the source, it’s been developed jointly by BMW and Toyota. Output could be “north of 400-horsepower.” A rumoured hybrid powertrain is also a possibility.

All eyes will still be on this year’s Tokyo Motor Show as that’s the most likely venue for the new Supra to be revealed to the world. Only then will we know for sure which rumours are true and if the long wait will have been worth it.

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