Toyota Supra Vs. the Honda ‘White Widow’

Watch in awe as a highly-modified Toyota Supra takes on a Honda CBR1000 known as the ‘White Widow’ in this crazy, adrenaline-fuelled video.

It’s a question that has been asked time and time again: are supercars ever going to surpass superbikes in terms of performance?

While the smart money is on a superbike to hand the supercar its exhaust on a plate every time, it seems the gap between the two is closing. And a recent Youtube video on That Racing Channel shows just how close a insanely-modified Toyota Supra can push a lightly-modified Honda CBR1000.

The Toyota Supra features a whole host of mods, including an uprated clutch, racing manifold and a turbo that boasts a preposterous 38 PSI. The Honda CBR, on the other hand, has only had some light modifications, such as a full exhaust system, air filter and timing tweaks.

Despite this being the case, it’s still extremely difficult for a car to beat a bike in a straight line as you’ll find out in the video. However, the car’s plethora of upgrades makes for a very close race this time around.

We’re hoping that the Supra crew take there freakishly-fast Toyota back to the workshop and give it some more Frankenstein-style modifications. The video description talks of 45+ PSI to follow!

Who knows, maybe next time the car will emerge victorious…

But even at 38 PSI the Supra suffers terribly from loss of traction, which puts it at a huge disadvantage against the bike.

Sit back and enjoy watching two of the fastest machines to come out of Japan do battle.

Oh, there’s also a BMW S1000RR but that seems to be there just for morale support.

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