Toyota Teases Life-Size HiLux Tonka Truck

Toyota Teases Life-Size HiLux Tonka Truck

Tonka-tough HiLux concept in the pipeline to add to the model’s “unbreakable” reputation.


Toyota has confirmed that it will build a one-off, Tonka-inspired version of its HiLux ute to celebrate Toyota’s 80th anniversary and Tonka’s 70th.

It will be Toyota Australia’s design team that is responsible for the enormous big boy’s toy, which will be a fully driveable concept based on the 2.8-litre turbo-diesel-powered Toyota HiLux SR5 4×4.

The ride height is boosted massively with custom suspension, wheels and tyres, while a significantly revamped approach angle will see the HiLux transformed into “a prodigious rock climber”, capable of conquering any adult-sized sandpit. There is also a bespoke grille, tailgate and door mouldings, all of which make the HiLux ‘pop’ visually.

Toyota’s teaser sketch (above) also shows a new front bumper. In addition, a serious set of wheel arch extensions are expected, with Toyota stating that “almost every exterior HiLux surface will be beefed up as part of the Tonka metamorphosis.”

“We expect the extreme style and capability of our re-imagined HiLux will capture the imagination of kids and adults alike,” said Toyota Australia product design chief, Nicolas Hogios.

“HiLux is such a great canvas, and we really pushed the envelope by marrying our number-one seller with the Tonka brand. The end result is so exciting because the HiLux Tonka really delivers the dream of every Australian kid who ever wanted such a truck,” he said.

But it wouldn’t be a Tonka truck without the classic yellow and black exterior, which is why the designers have been sure to stay in keeping with the iconic truck’s styling and include the same original paintjob.

It won’t be the first time that the Tonka truck has been used as inspiration for a concept vehicle. Tonka previously teamed up with Ford in the US, turning the heavy-duty F 750 into a fully-functional dump truck at the 2015 NTEA Work truck Show in Indianapolis.

Check out more in this short teaser video from Toyota Australia:

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