Toyota to Relive History with Retro Liveries at Goodwood

Not content with reproducing just one classic racing livery from their history, Toyota have reincarnated six and will be taking them to the Goodwood Festival of Speed later this month.

Switching liveries is something that car manufacturers and the race teams who put their vehicles to the test on the track do all the time. Furthermore, it’s not uncommon to see them rekindle classic colour schemes from yesteryear. But it seems that Toyota are going to take it one step further at the Goodwood Festival of Speed on June 25.

That’s because the Japanese car giant isn’t going to bring just one car with throwback livery to Goodwood, but six!

Each of the liveries has been carefully made to fit the exact size and shape of the GT86 by vinyl specialist Motor Mode. There are six designs in total, each of which showcases an iconic part of Toyota’s racing heritage.

The yellow and green colour scheme represents the Yatabe Speed Trial 2000GT from 1966. Then there’s a white and blue tribute to the 1968 2000GT showcased by Carroll Shelby. The red with black bonnet pays homage to Ove Andersson’s rally-spec 1972 Toyota Celica. The red one with yellow stripes is for the mid-80s IMSA-spec Celica. The classic Castrol livery from the Group A rally-spec Toyota Celica GT-Four. And last, but not least, a tigerskin livery hailing from the Esso Ultron scheme from Japan’s very own touring car championship.

The overall effect is completed by retro wheels from Rota, lowered suspension and a stainless exhaust system from Milltek Sport.

Perhaps most exciting for Toyota fans is that the cars will be available to test drive on a first come, first serve basis. After that, they’ll be on display for all to enjoy at the Goodwood racing track, supporting the immensely popular GT86 Drift Experience.

Check out all of the awesome liveries in the gallery below:

Yatabe-GT86-03 Shelby-GT86-02 IMSA-GT86-02 Esso-Tiger-GT86-02 Castrol-GT86-02 Andersson-GT86-02

Which one’s your favourite?

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