Trio of Toyota Mirais lands in Australia

Toyota has brought three hydrogen-powered cars to Australia in the hope that they will generate interest in the technology and fuel future interest.

While the car pictured above may not blow you away with aggressive styling or a sporty demeanour, there’s a good chance such a vehicle could end up being your day-to-day run around. That’s because hydrogen-fuelled cars are being touted as the next big things and Toyota has brought a handful of them to Australia to boost exposure.

The trio of Toyota Mirais, which emit nothing but water vapour from their exhausts, are here as part of a three-year trial designed to raise awareness of the technology among both the public and car dealers alike.

But this isn’t actually the first time a Mirai has been on Australian shores. A road-going example was welcomed at a special event in Melbourne before heading to the 6th World Hydrogen Technologies Convention in Sydney last October.


However, right now in Australia, there is only one hydrogen refuelling point and that’s located at the headquarters of one of Toyota’s arch rivals, Hyundai. To overcome this, Toyota has imported a portable refuelling station, which will allow the Mirais to travel around the country and generate interest in the technology that powers them.

The issue, though, is that because there is currently nowhere for the hydrogen cars to be fuelled, plans to introduce them on a mainstream level are currently on hold.

Toyota Australia president David Buttner said: “We are extremely interested in fuel cell technology, but we need the relevant infrastructure in place before we can sell these vehicles in Australia.”

Nevertheless, Buttner was keen to highlight the technology’s exciting potential, saying: “Fuel cell technology is expected to play a key role in the future and we do not want Australians to miss out on this.”

Hydrogen vehicles are being eyed by many as a solution to future mobility. They can be refuelled in roughly the same amount of time as a petrol car; emit zero emissions; and have significantly longer ranges between refills than electric vehicles.

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