Tyler Witte’s DIY gymkhana in a Subaru is seriously impressive [video]

Tyler Witte’s DIY gymkhana in a Subaru is seriously impressive [video]

He might not have Ken Block’s budget, production experience or vehicle power, but Tyler Witte’s DIY gymkhana video is seriously impressive nonetheless.


When most people hear the word “gymkhana” they immediately think of Ken Block hooning about a disused warehouse in a car with more horsepower than you can shake a stick at.

But while we’d all like to think we can drive as good as Ken Block, few of us can.

However, Ken Block fan and amateur racing driver Tyler Witte has come pretty close to mimicking his idol in a 4-minute DIY gymkhana video.

And while Witte might not be Ken Block and the car featured in his video isn’t a rally car with upwards of 600-horsepower designed specifically for drifting, it’s still a frickin’ awesome watch!

Before the video, Witte spent eight months turning a totalled GC8-generation Subaru Impreza WRX 2.5 RS he’d bought into a stripped-out rally machine, which he puts through its paces on a homemade course filled with jumps, heavy equipment and even a quarter-pipe.

The electronic background music won’t be to everyone’s taste, but you can always mute it if you like. And, let’s face it, it doesn’t detract that much from Witte’s impressive driving skills and honed car control.

And while Witte might not be up there with Block in terms of power, production and budget, his video is cool nonetheless.

The video’s highlight comes right at the end, so don’t stop watching early – it’s only four minutes of your life after all.


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