Unbelievable Toyota RND Concept Update

New information has to come light about Toyota’s exciting RND concept. Ahead of its official UK release, the RND is going to be a game-changer.

Last week, we told you about Toyota’s mysterious new RND concept, which was due to get its official release today in the UK. And, despite the UK announcement still many hours away, we can give you an update on the car that Toyota said was “ready for fast-track development that should see it changing the face of motoring within weeks”.

Let’s also not forget that they said: “manufacturing and product supply have been secured and on-the-road pricing has been fixed at a level that will make the RND Concept accessible to the widest possible market”.

And now, with the information we’ve managed to get our hands on, we can reveal that both the statements above are absolutely spot on.

That’s because the Toyota RND concept is, in fact, an elaborate stunt to promote Red Nose Day 2015. That’s right, Toyota UK managed to fool almost the entire automotive world with their official press release last week and got the pulses of car enthusiasts globally racing.

The RND (Red Nose Day) concept is merely a red nose for your own Toyota (or any car for that matter). Hence why it’s going to be “changing the face of motoring” and will be “accessible to the widest possible market”.

Dutch-based Autovisie were the guys who probed Toyota UK for more information and received this in response to their enquiries: “Please forgive the unique sense of humor of our British colleagues. RND concept is a bogus concept model meant to raise awareness on the British charity Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day initiative”, said Toyota Motor Europe.

Red Nose Day 2015 in the UK will be held on March 13 and its aim is to raise as much money as possible for charity through Comic Relief. It occurs every two years and the majority of its proceeds go to help great causes domestically and in Africa. Red Nose Day in Australia this year will be on June 26.

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