World’s Fastest Toyota Supra Hits 240mph in 6 secs

It takes something pretty damn special to complete a quarter mile in 6 seconds and hit speeds of 240mph in the process. Ladies and gentlemen, let us introduce you to the world’s fastest Toyota Supra.

Bahrain-based Ekanoo Racing love drag racing and judging by the video at the foot of this post, that’s no surprise because it’s definitely something that they’re very good at.

In fact, the team’s Outlaw Toyota Supra has just broken the world import speed record with its latest run, which saw it complete the quarter mile drag in 6.05 seconds. The car, driven by American Gary White, was doing in excess of 240mph as it crossed the finish line at the 2014/2015 Bahrain National Drag Racing Championship.

The Supra’s specs seem to be a well-guarded secret and the only thing we do know is that the car boasts a 2JZ engine, a 98mm Precision turbo and a 5-speed Liberty transmission.

But who are Ekanoo Racing?

Well it seems they’re a team on a mission. A mission to break every drag racing world record for the different classes they compete in.

Ebrahim Mohammed Kanoo, a prominent Bahraini entrepreneur who specialises in the aftermarket automotive industry, is the team owner and the person who has paved the way for the team become one of the world’s most established players in the drag racing scene.

According to the Ekanoo Facebook page, the car hadn’t had much track time prior to setting its new world record: “Not bad for a 4th run on a newly built car. Big thanks to the people that made it happen. Until last week, this car was still in pieces and the project was very far from reality”.

Apparently, the bragging rights that come with producing the world’s fastest Toyota Supra aren’t enough for Ekanoo Racing and they’re promising more for the future: “Our little crazy project exceeded our expectations and had some interesting first trials. We already started working on more upgrades, hopefully we will impress in the next event”.

So if you’re wondering what Ekanoo’s Outlaw Supra looks like tearing up the track, wonder no more:

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