Would you pay $55k for a slightly used 2017 Honda Civic Type-R?

Would you pay $55k for a slightly used 2017 Honda Civic Type-R?

Guy trying to sell his used 2017 Honda Civic Type-R for $21k more than the retail price. Good luck with that! 

It’s quite common with new, desirable cars for dealers to charge a slight premium on top of the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP). Some even go as far as adding on huge markups to take advantage of high demand for certain models. But rarely do you see a privately-owned new(ish) vehicle up for sale for a price significantly higher than the MSRP.

On Craigslist right now though there’s a 2017 Honda Civic Type-R for sale for USD$55,000 (AUD$69,499). That’s a whopping USD$21,000 (AUD$26,540) higher than the MSRP!

Okay, so the Civic has got just 600 miles on the clock, but that still doesn’t justify the huge premium the seller is asking for.

The car in question is shown above and the Craigslist ad isn’t giving anything away when it comes to details. In fact, all the ad says is: “Honda civic TypeR black 2017 600 miles only serious buyer cash only i am no financing.” Doesn’t exactly fill you with confidence, does it?

And then there’s those 600 miles. Were they 600 careful Driving Miss Daisy miles or were they 600 of the most gear-crunching, fastest miles imaginable? Either way, why consider this slightly used example when you can get a brand new one for less and put your own first 600 miles on the clock?

A quick scout around Honda dealers in the South Carolina area (the area where the used Civic is being sold) reveals that Breakaway Honda in Greenville has a brand new, identical black Civic Type R in transit. It’s listed at USD$33,900 (AUD$42,850) and while the dealer could choose to add an additional premium, it’s unlikely to be anywhere near what Mr Craigslist is asking.

Nevertheless, he is the owner and can ask what he likes for the car. Whether he sells it though is a different matter.

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