Yamaha’s Sports Ride Concept is Devastatingly Beautiful

Featuring a honeycomb sandwich as part of its build, the Yamaha Sports Ride sounds almost as delicious as it looks…

When Gordan Murray, the designer of F1 cars and the McLaren F1 road car, puts his mind to something, you know the results are going to be exciting.

So when we heard that he’d joined forces with Yamaha (yes we know they tend to make motorbikes and keyboards) to produce an absolutely stunning sports car concept, we were more than interested.

Making its first appearance at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show, the Yamaha Sports Ride, as it’s known, has take inspiration from the firm’s many two-wheel creations over the years.

The Yamaha Sports Ride has been produced using Murray’s iStream manufacturing process and features a honeycomb paper core sandwiched between carbonfibre skins.


It’s not the first time Yamaha and Murray have worked together and the fruits of their previous collaborations were shown at the Tokyo Motor Show two years ago in the form of the Yamaha Motiv. That car boasted a rather modest 1.0-litre engine and it’s thought that the Yamaha Sports Ride utilises the very same.

Now while a 1.0-litre engine that might sound rather pedestrian, when you imagine how light the Yamaha Sports Ride is (lighter than a Smart car, according to reports), the performance possibilities are a lot more enticing.

Before you dismiss it as something that’s never going to take on, let’s not forget that it was Yamaha who partnered with Toyota back in 1967 to build what’s often referred to as the first ever Japanese sports car – the 2000GT. So you could say it’s in Yamaha’s pedigree.

The Sports Ride also isn’t the first time that Yamaha has created an exciting concept car. Back in 1992 the firm unveiled the OX99-11, which had an insane 400-horsepower V12 engine and lightweight chassis. However, with an $800,000 expected price tag, the concept was doomed from the start.

Will Yamaha’s latest lightweight concept see production? Let’s damn well hope so!


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