HKS Adjustable Cam Pulley – RB Engines – Exhaust Side

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The HKS Adjustable Cam Pulley allows fine tuning of the camshaft timing to maximize engine performance and tailor power characteristics for various driving conditions. Either with OEM or HKS Camshafts, adjustments can be made to tune an engine power band to the optimum RPM range for a particular application.

HKS Cam Pulleys are made from anodized Duralumin with nickel plated gear teeth. This means the pulley is very light and decreases any drag on the engine.

Precise valve timing can be adjusted and set within a range of +/- 20 degrees along a Vernier scale of 2 degree intervals. Each interval index is laser-etched into the Duralumin and “A” (advance) and “R” (retard) directional markers are also laser-etched on to the cam gear face.

– Exhaust Side Pulley
– Nissan RB25DE
– Nissan RB25DET
– Nissan RB26DETT