KYO-EI Wheel Spacers 10mm

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The KYO-EI Wheel Spacers allow you to push your wheels out further to allow for more suspension space or to simply make your rims more flush with the bodywork. Made 100% in Japan, these slip on spacers are high quality forged alloy and made to last.

These are sold in pairs (two) and you will need to order as many as you require.

Do not install when less than 10mm of thread. See KYO-EI website for installation details.

If you purchase these wheel spacers and install them on your own behalf and consequently damage the threads, JDMRACING takes no responsibility.

Fits both 4H & 5H.
P.C.D. : 98 ~ 114.3
Outer Diameter: 135mm
Inner Diameter: 75mm
Thickness: 10mm